Happy Halloween!


There was a handful of Halloween parties over the weekend but tonight is actual Halloween night. El Paso has its reputation for haunted spots all over the city. El Paso also has a reputation for one of the most obese cities in the country. That’s why it makes me glad to see an event such as this one coming to the Sun City. The event is a 1 mile walk/run/ride (bicycle) leading to a glow block party with DIPLO headlining the main stage. There will be other local performers as well as local food vendors. I’m looking forward to The Pizza Joint! All proceeds for this event go to the Childrens Grief Center of EP. Seems like a fun way to spend my halloween and for a good cause! Review for this event will come soon! Whatever YOU do tonight stay safe and Happy Halloween!

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My 5 Fall Essentials

I’ve always embraced change pretty easily. Being in the same situation, the same outfit or same routine bores me after sometime. The change of a season especially summer to winter always excites my soul. For some reason it gives me that sense of a new beginning and a new chance to change myself. Finally, after patiently waiting the last few months fall has arrived. I always love this time of year but in the city I live in, it can take awhile to cool down. So while most the country is already sporting scarves and boots, anyone in El Paso caught wearing those might also be sweating up a storm. Fortunately, the days here are getting cooler and even more are the nights. Here are the things I love to bring out of my closet when entering the cool air and cozy nights.

  1. Blazers.


These absolutely are one of my must have pieces because they are so classic and they look good with practically anything from dresses, skinny jeans, even some shorts with tights. I love that I can wear them hanging out with my boyfriend and look cute and then go to work and look somewhat professional! I collect blazers in all different colors but if you just want/need one a black will work with most outfits and you can use it year after year. If you want to stand out a patterned blazer will do the trick or one in a bold color like pink. While I like to get mine fitted perfectly and hanging on my hips, there are so many styles to choose from. This year I got a trendy shrunken black blazer with spikes on the shoulder pads.

  1. Red quilted handbag from Bebe.


This bag was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. I tend to keep it with my fall/winter wardrobe because the colors are more earthy and dark and the bag can liven up my outfits with a dash of color. Its a simple small bag with a shoulder strap and quilted to look somewhat like the infamous Chanel bags. The fact that its smaller than the bags I normally haul around for summer, makes me cut out all the extra junk I can lug around, making it easier for me to fir the essentials: cell, phone, cards, etc.

  1. Belts. Okay so that one was plural but belts are an accessory that is often overlooked. In the colder months we start layering our clothes and a belt can help cinch your waist and bring everything making you look more polished and less frumpy! When I wear pants or jeans skinny belts are also another way to make your outfit pop in a subtle way. After all, its the smallest things that make the biggest difference. I love leopard print skinny belts!
  2. Black Booties. Without fail, these boots show up every year for fall, and how could they not! They are another staple item you will want in your closet to bring out every year. I like to use my booties for the beginning of the fall/winter season because they are so small it doesn’t take up much time or space to wear them compared to the longer boot styles, I keep those for when its really cold! Booties go with everything from skirts and dresses to jeans and leggings, but best of all they keep your feet warm. Last year I purchased some beautiful suede black booties by Jessica Simpson (bargain price at TJ MAXX) sadly, they got ruined in the rain, so I am now on a mission for the new perfect pair.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, is LIP BALM. This is an essential for all year but its extra important in the colder months. Nobody wants to be kissing someone with dry scratchy lips. Especially if you have a fuller pout, its not even nice to watch you speak if you have chapped lips. Right now I am loving the EOS balls (the mint is my favorite) and the Sugar Rose Lip Balm by Fresh. I received two recently as a gift from Sephora and was instantly hooked! They keep your lips so moisturized and they feel so good. I love the tin packaging they come in also! I chose to re-purchase the rose tinted one because it gives a little bit of color to my face my lips still look natural and perfectly smoochable!

There you have it! My must haves for entering the fall season and once I have them I’m ready to conquer the rest of my year! What are your fall favorites? Feel free to share with me especially any products you think I may be interested in!

On my libra Scale ♎ The Big O vs Elf

If you’re a lover of the infamous NARS orgasm blush you have to try out Elf’s contouring compact! It comes with one blush that is impressively similar to the NARS cult favorite on a much lower price tag. The compact also includes a deep bronzer to contour your face.

I’ve loved the Orgasm blush longer before Drake gave it a shout out in his song, Fancy, and wasn’t surprised when I learned it was one of beauty Kim Kardashian’s favorite products.

Thanks to Pinterest and many Hollywood makeup artists, the art of contouring has become a makeup trick the more average person can learn.  If you want to try it this kit is a steal (I paid $3)! For proper contouring you need more of a highlighter but this is good for beginners and fans of the orgasm shade.  I have always found that the blush looked even better after I had applied the orgasm illuminator also by NARS, first, to the apples of my cheekbones. It gives even more of a glow to your cheeks that I love all year round.

Thinking of possibly purchasing only the illuminator from now on and saving some money by purchasing the elf version to save money and still look good!  Elf is always a hit or miss for me.  Either I love their products or I hate them. This was definitely one I love and will purchase again!

Disclosure: All Images from this post were taken from google images. These are not my own and I do not take credit for them.

Mama Mia!

  I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday and fortunately was given a coupon code from a Sephora employee for 20% off.  As soon as I saw the coupon I knew exactly what I was going to use it on.  The Clarisonic Mia cleansing system has been on my wish list for quite some time.  The only reason I had been procrastinating on the purchase was because the price is a little steep, the one I got was $119 and that is the smallest one available for purchase.  With the coupon I paid a total of $103.  Not too shabby for a birthday present to myself.  Hey, a girls gotta spoil herself sometime why not on her birthday!?

In case you haven’t heard about this product it is a cleansing tool for your face that, according to the makers, clean your skin 6x deeper than manual cleaning. The one that I got only comes with one speed that will stay on for 60 seconds and turn off automatically.  One of the features that I love most about it is that it’s waterproof so I can use it in the shower! I have noticed in the fee times I’ve used it how much smoother my skin is.  I don’t really have acne only once in awhile a blemish will appear and be stubborn.  Blackheads are a problem on my nose and I have a couple acne scars so I am hoping this product will just liven up my face and help me achieve an even toned brighter clear face.

Right off the bat, I noticed how it really removes everything that’s left under your skin.  Normally, at night I can be a little lazy, so prefer to use makeup cleansing wipes. I used one of those, and washed with the Mia and was amazed at all the residue that is still left on my skin. And to think that I would sleep like that! Now, I am a makeup lover, I love to put on makeup sometimes just for fun.  I definitely think this product is for anyone, but especially if you are like me and can’t go a day without makeup.  We must remember in order for our makeup to look flawless we must have a flawless canvas.  This product gives me hope that I can have the best fresh face for me.  I will do another update on this product when I have used it more.  Maybe in another month and then three to six months as well.  I am using it with the bareMinerals Purifying Cleanser (another product I love) because it is gentle but leaves my skin feeling squeaky without over drying.  I follow that with a with hazel toner and Murad moisturizers for day and night.  I also try to do a combination of mask, scrub, or peel to my skin twice a week.  So far is product seems to allow my skin to absorb all those products so much better.  Hope I will see a difference but I will keep you guys posted! Also, if any readers have this product I would love to hear your opinion on it!

The Perfect Pair

Urban Decay Naked Foundation & Urban Decay Dew Me Makeup Setting Spray

For years I have been a fan of all things Urban Decay. From their bright and bold pigmented shadows to their detailed packaging, UD has always been a favorite of mine. Their Surreal Skin Cream to Powder foundation was one I had been using for the last three years. More recently, following the success of their NAKED eye shadow pallets, UD released a new foundation named NAKED.

Initially I was skeptical to try it because I was so used to the cream to powder foundation, however an associate at Sephora mentioned that those foundations will soon be discontinued. With that being said I knew I had to try the new NAKED foundation.

What I liked right off the bat was the amount that came in the bottle. While the cream to powder offers great coverage, such a small amount comes in each compact and I was having to purchase two a month. The NAKED bottle lasted me about two months and let me tell you that a little goes a long way. They each cost about the same price ($35 vs. $40) so you can see how the NAKED is definitely more of a bang for your buck!

Like I said, the compact foundation did offer great coverage so that was something I was hoping the NAKED could live up to. There is a big difference between the two. Although the liquid is very silky it does leave somewhat of a matte finish and I do feel the NAKED offers amazing coverage while coming off much lighter than the compact. It gives you that “naked” look on your skin, while covering up any imperfections and evening the skin tone. The final look is a very natural one but if needed you can always build it if you want a more dramatic night time look.

Because winter is right around the corner and people are prone to drier skin, I decided to go a different route than the normal setting powders. Urban Decay has a line of three makeup setting sprays each claiming to hold your makeup perfectly for up to 16hrs. The one that came home with me was the one titled Dew Me for dry skin. I don’t really have dry skin but figured it was a good idea to keep it as moisturized as possible.

The finished look with these two products was so much better than I anticipated. Dew Me left a soft glowy look on my skin without it feeling tightened. Along with the foundation, the finished product is a natural almost angelic glow. It looks like you don’t wear much makeup at all which is a look I think most women want to create! Its claim to hold the makeup proved true in my eyes. My face looks just as fresh as it did when first applied. Normally I would need to re-touch my makeup a couple times at work and now I can go the whole shift and even out for drinks after without having to re-apply any makeup. This saves you time and not to mention money as well because your makeup will last longer.

The natural look of the foundation and the dewy look from the setting spray work so well together I can’t imagine using a different makeup routine. I get compliments all the time too! If the price of these two scares you a bit just keep in mind that these products are going to last you and they are quality products. You will definitely get what you pay for!