Fashion vs. Style

Today was the release of Lauren Conrad’s new book, Beauty. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to blog a review for my fellow makeup/skincare lovers, but before I jump into that I figured I’d share a review on LC’s first book that caught my attention titled, Style. The title was what had me sold from the beginning because we all know there is a very big difference between style and fashion, and LC makes that very clear in this book as well.

“My closet is actually a carefully organized chaos. I prefer to keep my clothes in a pile on the floor! I can’t get out the door quickly because pulling together a look that is both adult and fun isn’t easy.”

Lauren has always been known for her preppy style, so when I read that quote about her wanting to have fun with her wardrobe it really surprised me! Then to read her clothes might be in a pile on the floor really made me think I had the wrong impression and maybe she doesn’t always play it safe with her clothing.

From Victoria Beckham to Rachel Zoe, I have read a bunch of books written by style icons offering advice and insight to the everyday average woman who wants to look good on an everyday basis.  Scratch that. We want to look better than good! After all, you never get a second chance at a first impression, right? Right! Well, if there is one piece of advice that I found in common with all these fashionista’s was the basic principle of building your wardrobe with timeless pieces.  I felt she did a good job of advising her readers that although something may be a big fashion trend right now, the longevity is just not there. It is better to spend your money on pieces that will not fade out in a year or two.

Another tip that Lauren offered was something I never really put much thought into and that was the importance of getting your clothes tailored. She was very passionate about the difference a good tailor can make on your appearance.  Whether it be a classic blazer or a pair of everyday jeans, the fit can make you look like a brand new person if it is tailored correctly. I tested this theory true. After reading her book, I got a pair of jeans I had purchased not too long before and took them to get a little nip/tuck. They ended up looking so much better, to the point where I wondered how I was going to continue to wear them out in public in their previous state. The investments made in classic and tailored pieces can help you build a better wardrobe to ensure you look good when taking on your world!

Lauren also touched on many other subjects including everything from thrift store shopping to accessories and fake eyelashes. Although this book sticks to the basics of STYLE, I would not say it isn’t a fun read. I’d recommend it to any girl who is kooking to build her wardrobe to a more “grown up” sophisticated look, while still keeping it youthful. Think more staple pieces so that you will never be in a situation of “what the hell am I going to wear moments.”  While figuring out your outfits and getting dressed up is half the fun, you also need those pieces to fall back on and will never let you down.

I will definitely be purchasing Lauren’s book on beauty and can’t wait to see what she has in there to teach me!

If you want a daily dose of LC you can also check out her blog! >>>


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