NYE Outfit

Soooo everyone knows what Bag, Borrow or Steal is right? It’s a website that allows the average girl like you and I to wear the most expensive, sought after bags on the market, for a fraction of the price. Basically, the way you rent a movie, is the same way you would rent these bags, but by month. If you’re a purse lover then I think it’s a cool idea. Personally, I’d rather save up for a bag because I know I’d use it on an everyday basis. Anyways, I am now learning that there is a similar webstite that allows you to do the same thing except with designer dresses. Its called renttherunway.com. As soon as I stumbled across this website I was ecstatic by the beautiful visions on the screen that I could only dream to afford one day. This concept applied to clothing seems like a much better fit, at least for me. With New Years Eve right around the corner I have already been on the hunt for the perfect dress. I mean you only bring in the New Year once every year so it’s important to make sure you look damn good doing it! Riiight….? RIGHT! But I’ve noticed a pattern in my New Years Outfits. I always look for something that will stand out, something that I hope no other girl would be caught wearing, and usually something that leaves a big dent in my wallet. The only downfall to all of that is that once NYE is over I never want to wear the dress again out of fear that someone will see my Facebook page and notice that I am a REPEAT OFFENDER. The dresses I’ve worn in the past are all still hanging in my closet waiting to be worn again. I mean it’s not that serious to wear the same thing twice, but certain special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) do deserve their own special outfits. That being said, I am definitely going to be renting one of these dresses for this coming New Years. Right now there is a coupon for $50 off your first purchase that I am going to use. In the end I am actually going to be paying less for a designer dress that I would have otherwise never been able to wear, and the best part is I won’t have that guilt feeling about splurging on a one time dress.

A dress from a few years back that is still sitting in my closet. I love it too much to get rid of it though. At the time I didn’t want to wear it w/o the belt. Now I realize how dumb it looked.


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