Sephora 500pt Perk

Its cool how things work out. A few weeks ago I posted a review on the Benefit What’s Up highlighter and mentioned that I wanted to try the High Beam instead just because it has been around for so long and always had such a good reputation. Well, I recently went to Sephora and I reached the 500 point perk. For those who may not know what I mean by that, it’s a reward system Sephora allows to frequent shoppers. All it means is I’ve spent $500 so I get a reward for being such a good customer! Lo & behold, one of the prizes to choose from was full sized High Beam highlighter. I’m so glad I finally got it because I was right. I do like it a lot more than the other highlighter I had purchased from Benefit. This one is so perfectly subtle and I love the pink pearly look as opposed to the other one which was more of a champagne color and it made me look like I was sweating more than glowing. For those nights where you didn’t get enough sleep, this makes you look so much more awake. Now, to start adding up points for the next 500! Wonder what it will be….?


For more information on the Beauty Insider program check here —->


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