Beauty Subscription Boxes

This month I subscribed to three different beauty box subscriptions.

  1. Julep Maven Box.


Basic Info: I first discovered Julep at Sephora where each bottle runs $14.99. The subscription includes 2 polishes that are chosen based on your style profile. It also includes a surprise gift usually completing the polishes. Polishes are always on trend with the season and all of them are toxic free, which I love. For the subscription you pay about $21 a month, so it does save you money rather than purchasing the individual Julep polishes from Sephora or other retailers. Fortunately, someone shared a coupon code with me. If you are interested, the code is PENNY and it gives you the first months box for only a penny! Julep Mavens are offered 20% off all products on the website plus free shipping.

My Experience: I took the style quiz and was dubbed the “It Girl”, however, I chose to opt for the Bombshell Maven Box instead. I liked that you could choose a different option if you don’t want the one selected for you. My intro Maven Box included two polishes and two glitter pots to add some holiday sparkle to my nails. The glitters dried perfectly on my nails and with a top clear coat they looked pretty cool. The first color was a dark purple PERFECT for winter season. The second was a bright orange. The polishes go on very smoothly but can come out thick and take a long time to dry. My box also included a bottle of cuticle oil that I am obsessed with and has helped my cuticles a lot since I received it. I also chose to add on a product which was the Quick Dry Nail Drops infused with vitamins and smells so good. I love it. As for continuing my subscription I think I might do it every other month, or according to what I see in the preview for the upcoming month. Overall, this subscription has a great color selection, cute packaging (they look like lip gloss), and all around good products. Reccommended if you are obsessed with nail polishes.

2. Ipsy.



Basic Info: Ipsy was created by YouTube Beauty guru Michelle Phan. Every month they send you both sample and full sized beauty products in what they call a Glam Bag for only $10. The Glam Bag is an actual makeup bag to carry all your cosmetics in, which is one of the things I loved the most. The website also has an interactive platform where subscribers can share the looks they created with the products included in their Glam Bags. You can purchase your subscription for a full year, six, and three months. A month to month payment plan is also optional and you can cancel at anytime.

My Experience: Ipsy was my personal favorite of all three subscriptions. Inside my Glam Bag came with a red lip gloss from Be A Bombshell, a gold eye pigment from NYX, a black kohl eyeliner from Urban Decay, some highlighting papers from Mai Couture, and a Mirabella face & eye primer. For ten dollars this is an absolute steal! I love that all the products work together to create a look, which in this case was a holiday glam. I was very satisfied with Ipsy and am going to continue my subscription.

3. Birchbox.


Basic Info: Birchbox is most similar to Ipsy in that they send you beauty products based on your style profile every month. The products come in both full and sample sized products.

My first box came with a Tweezerman nail file, a small shampoo sample I forgot the brand but it smells so good! Just wish the conditioner came with it. An eyeshadow/illuminizer/highlighter from The Balm, a perfume sample from Juicy Couture, which I hated (smells like old lady perfume) and a $50 credit to Rent the Runway ,which is okay but they always run that coupon code on their site anyways.

Bottom Line: Ipsy was definately my favorite. I felt like they gave me the best products and most products. I reccommend this one to anyone interested in learning about new beauty products at a low cost! Its just such a great deal! I know GlossyBox is another subscription only offering luxury brand products and I am thinking of subscribing soon.


Growing up I al…

Growing up I always had lots of women in my life that I loved and it made me appreciate how much fun it is to be a girl. A guy’s world is so much smaller when it comes to self expression and fashion. Guys have patterned ties. They have black and brown loafers. Girls have kitten heels and glitter! I feel like women sometimes forget how much fun it is to be a girl. For me, femininity is power. I grew up watching Madonna take over the world in a Gaultier bustier and never be weak. She never allowed herself to be used. She was never sexy for a guy—she was sexy for herself. I don’t think you have to ‘man up’ to make it in this world. You don’t have to put on slacks and cut your hair off to be successful. I say throw on some lipstick, step into the highest heels that you can, go out there and take over!

– Jerrod Blandino creator of Too Faced Cosmetics.

I read this quote in a Beautylish article and it made me love Too Faced even more!


On My Wish List


      This sleep mask from is a must have for any Audrey Hepburn fans like myself. I think it’s so cute and reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s so much. I’d love to catch a few more zzz’s with this on.

      courtesy of google images

      courtesy of google images


    2. courtesy google images

      courtesy google images

      Okay so the average normal person could never really afford this bag. They are worth thousands of dollars and have been seen on the arms of every celebrity you can think of from Miley Cyrus to the Kardashians. However, a similar Celine inspired bag would be nice. I’ve seen some at Aldo and on

    3. courtesy


      This is a new model from Nikon that runs at about two hundred dollars a pop. I love Nikon cameras and my last one has been broken for about six months now.


      This honey brazen face mask is from Lush. Unfortunately, the city I live in doesn’t have one of these awesome stores yet. I discovered it while visiting Santa Monica. I love that the products are formulated with no chemicals or strange ingredients. Everything your skin absorbs will be natural and a great treat for your skin. Very reasonable pricing too this particular mask is only $6!

    5. courtesy


      This system is for anyone who loves a shellac manicure. It comes with everything you need to do one in the comfort of your own home. It is a little pricey ( I wanna say $150+) but when you think of all the money you spend to get and then upkeep your nails at a salon, this might actually save you money in the long run.

    6. courtesy google images

      courtesy google images

      Lana Del Rey has become an obsession of mine. She has a beautiful voice that is so unique and different from any other female artist right now. I already had her first Born To Die, but this is the new Paradise Edition that comes with a few more songs and remixes as well.

    7. courtesy


      This heel is so cute and perfect for all the holiday parties at this time of year. I’ve been so caught up in the cold weather, normally opting for boots or flats to keep my toes hidden and my feet warm. It’d be nice to dress up my outfits with this cute pair. My favorite part about this shoe is that some parts are clear making the bows look as if they are floating perfectly on your feet!

    8. courtesy


      The infamous Naked Palette by Urban Decay is all the rage with beauty lovers, but right now this is the palette I can’t wait to get my hands on. I love the variety of colors in this product. You can create really any look, whether it be bold or natural, they have the shades for it. I think it’s just beautiful!

    9. courtesy


      I had a leopard Betsey Johnson watch for years. It was my favorite because I have a love affair with leopard and it gave all my outfits just a subtle pop of my favorite print. My watch finally gave out a few months back. The time no longer ticks and one of the links on the strap broke. This is a newer version of the watch I loved so much.

    10. Last Christmas I gave you my heart..Finally, because I saved the best for last, I want to be with the people I love and see them happy on Christmas. This has been a rough year and in the midst of shopping for everyone, making sure you have the perfect gift, people forget to give whats most important and that’s love. I know I am guilty of not always showing love to the people I care about. I am thankful for everything in my life and while material things DO make me happy, the relationships in my life are whats most important. Seeing everyone I love together and seeing them all happy will be the best thing I’ve seen all year. Merry Christmas!

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

False lashes have always been an obsession of mine. Not only do they add a touch of glamour to any outfit, but they also make your eyes look a lot larger. I’ve been struggling with the decision to get eyelash extensions at a salon, but I’ve had a few girlfriends who have done it that weren’t too crazy about them. I was told you can’t get them wet so it makes it hard to keep them covered when taking a shower. Anywhoooooo…. I strolled across these babies at Sephora.


photo courtesy


Better than False Lashes? I had to try it to believe it. It comes with two products. First you apply the mascara, it works decent. I don’t really love the brush that it comes with. I’m used to softer brushes. Next you coat your lashes with the smaller tube, which is supposed to be some nylon fiber extension product. Its white and almost looks like cotton but it sticks to your eyelashes right away. Following that application you add another coat of the mascara from step one to seal everything in together. The final look was uncomfortable. My lashes were all stuck together, some stuck to the bottom lashes. It didn’t leave them looking voluminous but very clumped and was extremely hard to remove the mascara afterwards. Unfortunately, the product did not live up to the name. I was a bit disappointed because I love Too Faced cosmetics, but this isn’t the first mascara I purchased from them that left me unsatisfied. If you were thinking of splurging the $35+ I did on this set I would advise you not to do so.

too faced

photo courtesy

I ended up returning this product and sticking to the same mascara I have been using which was the trusty DIOR BLACKOUT. Luckily, I was blessed with longer than average lashes so I can just leave the falsies for special occasions and continue to use my mascara for everyday looks.