Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

False lashes have always been an obsession of mine. Not only do they add a touch of glamour to any outfit, but they also make your eyes look a lot larger. I’ve been struggling with the decision to get eyelash extensions at a salon, but I’ve had a few girlfriends who have done it that weren’t too crazy about them. I was told you can’t get them wet so it makes it hard to keep them covered when taking a shower. Anywhoooooo…. I strolled across these babies at Sephora.


photo courtesy


Better than False Lashes? I had to try it to believe it. It comes with two products. First you apply the mascara, it works decent. I don’t really love the brush that it comes with. I’m used to softer brushes. Next you coat your lashes with the smaller tube, which is supposed to be some nylon fiber extension product. Its white and almost looks like cotton but it sticks to your eyelashes right away. Following that application you add another coat of the mascara from step one to seal everything in together. The final look was uncomfortable. My lashes were all stuck together, some stuck to the bottom lashes. It didn’t leave them looking voluminous but very clumped and was extremely hard to remove the mascara afterwards. Unfortunately, the product did not live up to the name. I was a bit disappointed because I love Too Faced cosmetics, but this isn’t the first mascara I purchased from them that left me unsatisfied. If you were thinking of splurging the $35+ I did on this set I would advise you not to do so.

too faced

photo courtesy

I ended up returning this product and sticking to the same mascara I have been using which was the trusty DIOR BLACKOUT. Luckily, I was blessed with longer than average lashes so I can just leave the falsies for special occasions and continue to use my mascara for everyday looks.


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