Face to Face

One of my most recent purchases from an iTunes gift card I got for Christmas. I took some screenshot images since I do all my reading, and pretty much everything else, on my iPad.


This book was written by celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes. He is the go to guy for the rich and famous and in this book he talks about the power of transformation through makeup. In the beginning of the book is a forward by Kim Kardashian that I truly enjoyed. I thought she was the perfect choice to be on his cover, though on his first book cover he had JLo.


Throughout the book Scott gives tips and tricks but this isn’t for someone who is wanting to know all the basics or makeup lovers who are just beginning. It’s geared more towards exuding confidence and feeling your best self. I love the fact that he does touch on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine not just cosmetics. Barnes manages to keep it fun and interesting by by showcasing transformations on many starlets including Kristin Cavalarri and Vanessa Williams. Here are some of my favorite transformations in the book.

Kelly Rowland as a cat.


The Gastineau girls as Elizabeth Taylor and Bridget Bardot.


Jeffree Star as Jeffree Star.


This was a fun and easy read. Has anyone ever read his first book, About Face? I’m somewhat interested but there are a few other books I’d like to read first. Thanks for reading. Xoxo!


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