Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

Philippians 4:13

Well not for me, I’m actually spending my Sunday at work, but that’s okay cuz when I get home I can relax and watch Real Housewives (guilty pleasure). Anyways, since it is Sunday I thought I would post one of my favorite verses from the Bible, Philippians 4:13. I have this on my Facebook profile and I really just love this verse because it is such a simple important reminder. A lot of people don’t take me as the spiritual type but I actually am and have been since a very young age. I like to keep a prayer journal and write down everything on my mind. It’s crazy to look back on it and see how my life and dilemmas have changed over the years but the strength to preservere through everything has always been given to me through Christ. I am not here to push any beliefs on you, these are simply my own. It’s so easy with busy schedules to not make time for yourself and your relationship with God, but it is so important. Sometimes I will be having a bad day or something will happen and when I open my Bible the first verse I read will be something that completely relates to what I’m going through. I think its pretty awesome!


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