Vixen Desgins for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013

Tickets for Electric Daisy Carnival are officially on sale today and once you have your ticket the next thing on your list should be what to wear! If you’ve ever been to EDC before you know that crazy does not even begin to describe some of the costumes you see out there! I have been fortunate enough to attend EDC the last three years in a row and I tried all different sorts of looks. In 2010 I went for more a hippie festival type of look. In 2011 I kept it casual but still wanted to stand out because it was in Vegas for the first time that year. Last year though, I came across an awesome shop on Etsy called Vixen Designs and was lucky enough to get two custom-made outfits for 2012’s most talked about festival. The designs are so spunky and sexy without crossing the line of looking trashy! I swear I got compliments everywhere and I am still so in love with my bras. I wish I could wear them more often! The ordering process is very simple. Once you contact the shop owner, Shannon (she’s so awesome at what she does) she will ask you some questions to personalize your outfit. You can rest assure knowing that your outfit will be 100% original and all your own. I never had to worry that there would be another girl walking the motor speedway in the same thing I had on. Shannon keeps great communication throughout the process, updating you on the status of our order. She is also really good with working payment plans out. The whole process was easy breezy and totally worth it! If you want to check out previous designs or items on sale you can check out:

Right now there is a special offer: 15% off any order of three items or more just send code EDC15 . The order must be for Electric Daisy Carnival to apply the coupon. As a member of the Vixen Designs promotion team, you can also contact me for coupon codes or information.

The blue bra on the right had lights on it which made it look so cool at night!20130108-153404.jpg

This bra is my favorite! It has a little cdj on one side and the other has a pair of gold headphones to match the gold chain in the middle! The purple fish net, pink and black, gold, that all screams CECIL! 🙂20130108-153539.jpg

EDC 2010 in LA20130108-153417.jpg



Crazy guys dressed as fish in stilts! This looked cool in the crowd, like two fish swimming on top of thousands of heads!20130108-153439.jpg

My hippie look: Blue ombre cutout dress from BEBE, fringe bag from H&M20130108-153448.jpg

EDC Las VEgas 2011. I made my own costume but that was a bust! It fell apart after about an hour of dancing! You won’t have that problem with Vixen Designs!20130108-153453.jpg

Calvin Harris20130108-153457.jpg

Empire of the Sun20130108-153501.jpg

Group Therapy with Above & Beyond. I wore a bright red bikini top from Chynna Dolls, a flower in my head and some bumblebee earrings from Aldo.20130108-153505.jpg

Sun coming up to Victor Calderone20130108-153509.jpg

Main stage at EDC 201220130108-153513.jpg

Carl Cox crowd at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway.20130108-153517.jpg




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