Maybelline Flash Clean


I love love LOVE this!! A new product from a line of makeup removers that Maybelline just released, The Flash Clean claims to be revolutionary for its 3 in 1 capabilities. Número UNO? Gently removes makeup, even the waterproof mascara you wore out all night. Second, not only does it remove makeup but it actually goes a step further to cleanse your skin. Finally, the Flash Clean moisturizes to make your skin routine that much easier for you. Whats even more cool is that since this product is a makeup removing lotion there is no rinsing necessary. Just use a cotton pad and you will be good as Gucci. I personally love it! It’s very moisturizing and I, especially in the colder months, always need my face extra moisturized. After a long night out, when I’m too lazy to use my Mia, I can quickly use this product and jump in bed. Normally, I’d use facial wipes but I’d still need a moisturizer. This is more convenient for me and it only costed me about five or six dollars at Target. Not bad! Not bad at all.



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