Women & Anxiety


Sometimes you need a friendly reminder not to fear the future! I feel like women tend to worry so much and I know many women who suffer from anxiety whether they be young or old. Even I get anxiety sometimes! But I always tell people it’s all a matter of the mind. I know your mind is a tough thing to control but you need to learn! Fake it til you make it! Find something you love to do. Meditate. Try yoga! I really would recommend trying anything before taking prescription medication. Remember that the strength can be given to you if you just simply pray for it, and believe that you will receive it, and you WILL. We cannot ask of these things as if they are our own gifts to ourselves. God gives us strength! Trust him. Lean not on your own understanding. There is a reason for everything, but some things we cannot comprehend yet. In time.

20130113-190032.jpgP.S. these photos are from Pinterest! Love all the creative ways people have been presenting the Word of God. These were each from the book of Proverbs and it is one of my favorite books in the Bible because there are so many relatable topics and advice!


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