A Fresh Weekend

It’s Monday again! How fast time flies when you are having fun. This weekend I didn’t work so I enjoyed my days off and now its back to work and school for me. On Saturday my boyfriend played for a friend’s birthday at a nightclub downtown. I like when he plays shows like this because it gives me an excuse to go shopping and get dolled up!


My boyfriend is the first name on the poster, Cheeto Lopez! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Okay , so this is the first thing I wanted to share with you guys. Everyone who knows me, knows I am always searching for deals everywhere. Hey, if I can save a few bucks on something cool, why not?! This whole perfume set was $84 dollars at Macy’s and it was on sale for 50% off! To make it even better, I had a Macy’s gift card from Christmas still un-used. I ended up paying only $20 for the whole set. If you haven’t had a chance to smell Lady Gaga’s new fragrance, Fame, I’d definitely suggest you do! I am in love with it. All night I kept lifting my wrist up to smell it. It’s almost a sexy, mysterious smell that reminds me of something from the past I just can’t put my finger on it. Still very feminine, and I think it’s so cool that the liquid is black! Lady Gaga would do something creative like that. Not to worry, the black doesn’t come off on your clothes so you can go a little spritz crazy like I did.


What I Wore (Corona Optional)

Black Shrunken Studded Blazer from Misogno Boutique $60

Mint Peplum Skirt from Forever 21 $10

Rose Gold Chain Bracelet from Forever 21 $7

Black and Gold Spiked Heels from LuLu’s $80

Black Suede Bag with Gold Chain from Looksy $60



I don’t know if you can see my bag sitting there in the back. I should have taken better pictures but I was a little distracted! Anyways, I needed a purse so badly and I had my eye on this one for a while. When I saw it online it immediately reminded me of the Celine Gourmette Bag, but obviously much more on my budget. Below is the actual Celine bag, and mine is on the top. They are almost identical! I love that the bag is suede, but that means I have to be extra careful not to get it wet or dirty! I’m trying but that’s hard for me! The front of the bag folds over and buttons nicely. Its almost a bohemian, hippie looking bag, because of its relaxed style, but I love how to gold chain accent just makes it more glam. I buy a lot of black and gold but its good to buy things you know you can mix and match with your wardrobe. Get your moneys worth!


The little rollerball perfume I keep in my purse so I can smell like Gaga all day! I can’t say I thought I would actually want to smell like Lady Gaga? But never say never, I suppose!20130128-161914.jpg

Just a look inside my bag. A few makeup travel sized makeup brushes, a small makeup bag with only the essentials! Some notecards cuz I started school last week.

A better picture of my heels. These are like 5 1/2 inches high! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these already.




My fabulous friend, Alex. She has an awesome sense of style, I may just feature her soon!20130128-195432.jpg


And that’s pretty much it! Sunday I relaxed and went to see the movie, Mama. Its pretty creepy! Hope you all had a nice weekend too! I’ll be posting some beauty products later this week so I hope you check back! Xo


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