Back to School Beauty

The month of January brought me back into school and though I was excited to be back, I was not so excited to pay for it. Needless to say, tuition left me counting pennies. So instead of making one of my monthly visits to Sephora, I headed to Ulta. I love that Ulta has both high-end products and drugstore finds so you can mix and match while you shop.

Even though I think mornings are a beautiful time of the day, I am just not a morning person. If I have to sacrifice my hair looking like Mufasa for an extra 15 minutes of sleep I will not hesitate. That’s why I need products that I can apply when I’m pressed for time. Also, when I am at school I don’t get to crazy with my makeup. I like to keep it fresh, simple and pretty.

Here are a few products I picked up to keep me looking presentable at school! Each of them are all under $10, so you’ll still have money left to purchase your textbooks for class!


Beauty Balm: I have a very serious relationships with these things. Skin care and makeup in one, they’re genius! This one from Loreal is only about $8 and it has great coverage. I love how I can just swipe it on my face in a few seconds and know that I won’t scare anyone when I get to class! This is one of my favorite drugstore bb creams. I may just do a post on all my favorites but ill do that another day to keep this as short as possible.


Mascara: The I Love Extreme Volume Mascara by Essence is one of the most underrated affordable mascaras you can buy! It does the trick as far as volume, length and even curl are considered. Only 3.99 !


Concealer: While I normally don’t have a problem with acne on my skin, I definitely have a case of dark under eye circles. This NYX $4. concealer applies nice and creamy. I find pot concealers to work better for me than liquid or tube concealers. They blend better and don’t streak. It’s really good at making me look like I got a good nights rest, even if I didn’t.


Ulta Blending Sponge: I want to stress how much I love this for blending the concealer mentioned above. The Beauty Blender is a tad more expensive ($20) than this one, which was only about $5. I still want to try the Beauty Blender to see if there is a difference, but ill always know that when my funds are tight, this one does the trick! Seriously.


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter In Creme Brulee with Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Bronze Shimmer: These products are good for creating a nice nude lip, perfect for school. They also keep my lips moisturized which, I love.


Naked Basics. Naked2: Okay so I didn’t really purchase this one for back to school, I’ve had it for quite some time and I seriously use it everyday. Now, I might get some people mad by saying this but I really don’t know what the big deal is about the Basics palette. Yes the colors are nice. Could you find similar shades in another palette from a different line? Yes. I personally only like it for the size and how it conveniently fits in your bag. However, it simply does not compare to the Naked or Naked2 pallets. The shades are so beautiful and to me, a work of art. You can create any look needed with this palette and they’re so subtly sexy! Overrated? Maybe. But I think Naked2 deserves more love than the Basics. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Naked Polishes, the blush, bronzer, highlighting compact and the bb cream!

I’d love to know you’re school/work makeup routines! Feel free to share 🙂 XO!


11 thoughts on “Back to School Beauty

  1. How is the blending sponge different than the wedges that you are 20/$1? I’ve heard a few people mention them but wasn’t sure what made them special.
    I’m all about the speed and spending more time on sleep 🙂

    • The $20 are bigger and just have an oval egg like shape where as this one goes in towards the middle. It seems they both have the same texture almost suede like. If I try it. Soon ill let you know!

  2. Have you noticed the surge of all the BB products? They’re everywhere and every single brand now has its version.

    Haven’t tried any yet, would you recommend? I also heard of a CC generation hitting the market (read it in cosmo). So what do you think?

    Patricia, the girl from

    • Yes they are everywhere! I read also, that bb creams were big in 2012 but 2013 will be the cc’s. I saw one at Target but have yet to try one. As far as be creams I would suggest! I love them for just during the day. If I go out at night I will still wear foundation but they have pretty much cut out the need to. Similar to tinted moisturizers but more benefits for the skin!

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