First Impressions: KHROMA

As Kim K would say, hey dolls!

Hope everyone had a good start to their weekends. Tonight I am staying in because I work in the morning and I have a paper due on Monday! I have been wanting to get my hands on something from the Kardashian KHROMA collection for so long! I finally stumbled upon it at Ulta in a tiny little section. It’s no wonder I’ve always strolled past it. Also, most of the collection was out of stock, which I’m hoping is a sign that the line is better than what it looks.


Personally, I expected so much more from the Kardashians. They are always spewing glitz and glamour and so not….. boring!!

When you are already as famous as the Kardashians, and you come out with a cosmetics line, it needs to make an even bigger impression because that much more is expected of them! To me packaging has a lot to do with a products and hey its okay! Aesthetics are important to women and have a lot to do with how we react to and actually desire a product. Especially for Libra women, which is why I am so surprised… ehem…Kim!! The packaging for these products equal plain and boring.


Still, in a similar way that people share a love hate relationship with the Kardashian Klan, despite my distaste, I went home with something. These lashes we’re a nice change for me because i usually wear exxagerated long ones with full volume. These were about the same length as my natural lashes but intensified them nicely. I would re-purchase. I still want to try the Nude Lip set just because I love a nude lip and Kim is legendary at nailing a smokey eye and perfectly sexy nude lip. In the mean time I picked up these lashes. What do you guys think? Have you tried the anything from the KHROMA line yet?


Thanks for reading! Check back soon to see who I’ve nominated for The Liebster
Award! Xo!


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