February Glam Bag

This months Glam Bag from Ipsy was a great one for eye products.  It came in a glossy black bag filled with mascara, liner, shadows and new to a lot of people like me, the lash cards.

MICA Eye Liner Pot: This is probably my favorite of the products we received this month.  This eyeliner glides onto your eyelids effortlessly with a good angled eyeliner brush.  You can make the line as thin or thick as your like and it has a very rich pigment so the black really makes your eyes pop. I have been using it everyday since I got it!

20130219-193950.jpgCoastal Scents Eyeshadows: The shades I received in my Glam Bag this month are great to add drama to your eyes.  They aren’t enough to create a full on smokey look but still add depth to my eyes.  This is the first time I try anything from Coastal Scents but I would definitely purchase from them again.

20130219-193954.jpgPixi Flawless & Poreless Primer: At first I wasn’t exactly sold on this product. When you put it on, it feels like a lotion not a primer. After using it I noticed how well my makeup stayed put with this primer. I would surely put this in the list of my favorite primers.

20130219-193959.jpgPOP Mascara: This little thing is something great to keep handy in your purse.  I am used to using volumizing mascara and this one was more of a lengthening, but it made my already long lashes look like falsies.  I also love that it didn’t clump any of my lashes.  I had been wanting to purchase a blush/bronzer palette from POP but this came first. I am impressed and look forward to trying more products from this brand.


20130219-194015.jpgLash Cards: This concept was interesting and one I had never heard of previously.  You basically just place the card on your eyelid as you apply mascara. I liked that all the dark marks the mascara leaves on your eyes sometimes when applying mascara.  I really didn’t notice any help with clumping.  While I thought this was a unique concept, I just feel as though it’s another step added to an already lengthy beauty routine, and it can be quite unneccessary.

20130219-193944.jpgWhat did you think of this month’s Ipsy Bag? Is anybody planning on attending the Ipsy event in Los Angeles in May? I was thinking of attending and another friend of mine wants to go. If you want more information on the event click here. Let me know if any of you plan on attending! XO



2 thoughts on “February Glam Bag

  1. Ah Cecil, I’ve been meaning to write on a few of the past blogs you’ve written but I’ve been soo busy with school, work ya know life! Lol well first of all you’re from El Paso Omggggg so am I!!!! I almost died when I saw you posted the tork flyer I live in San An right now for school but I go home once a month, EP with always have my ❤ (I know gay but I love it I don't care what people say about lol). I just got back this morning from there, where I finally picked up my ipsy glam bags that I subscribed to because of you! I'm so excited I haven't used any of the products yet but tomorrow I am going to for sure, unfortunately I've never been able to use a mascara that wasn't waterproof so I don't think I'm gonna be able to busy the pop mascara :/. I'm constantly looking For new mascaras, I've tried high end and low end but never just completely swept away by anything so the hunt is still on! I went out to go buy that essence mascara you wrote about in your back to school blog but it wasn't waterproof and I was afraid to use it (my eyelashes completely fall the minute I put on mascara if it's not waterproof)! They had "big lashes" the in waterproof have you tried that one?? My quick fix in the morning for school is Benefits primer PORE fessional, some translucent powder by makeup forever and De Slick finishing spray by urban decay… Gotta keep it light here with all this humidity. When I'm in ep its a different story lol the ipsy party looks amazing that's so awesome if you do go, I'd love to attend something like that not sure if I could convince a friend to be that much into beauty!! Lol CONGRATULATUION on the Liebster award, told you you were quite savvy with your blog, keep hustling!!! 🙂

    • Hey Celina! Thanks so much for your kind words they made my morning! Thats awesome to have someone from El Paso read my blog! I don’t think they are too popular over here lol I’m glad you like it though and let me know how you like Ipsy! As far as mascaras I really love the Dior Blackout and I think they offer it in waterproof for you 🙂 Thanks again I hope you keep checking back!

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