Royal Fashion Runways of Today

guest post by Laura Diaz

Queen Isabel I of Castille, more commonly known as Isabel The Catholic, went down in history as one the most powerful female leaders known today. Her will to command an entire nation and her visionary ideals led to the unification of Spain and what is known as the Golden Age. This important period that solidified the Spanish empire is not only historically significant, but continues to be an inspiration for today’s fashion.


The angelic Michelle Jenner portrays the young Queen in the hit Spanish telenovela Isabel. The costume design of this award-winning telenovela portrays the period’s fashion with elegant detail and accuracy. The period clothing displayed on the show is an example of how these trends have inspired many of today’s top fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabanna.


Royal fashion of the time exemplifies the luxury, power, and wealth of the royal family combined with a sense of delicacy. It was common to see outfits adorned in all types of jewels, pearls, and gold, usually embroidered in rich velvets and exotic silks. To this day, the powerful imagery of these trends evoke feelings of extreme luxury and pure decadence.


The evocative nature of period based clothing has led today’s top fashion designers to revisit these trends on the runway, for example, the Valentino black cloaks on his Spring 2013 Couture Collection. Dresses with embroidery and applications were a must in court and Dolce & Gabbana and Elie Saab have proposed in recent collections very similar styles to get the Royal Trend.


In particular Alexander McQueen, whose 2013 Fall collection is being dubbed by some as the Royal Catholic Collection. McQueen’s vision of glory, his sensitivity to history, and imagination is nothing short of brilliant as it emphasizes the leadership of the feminine spirit. It is important to notice the exquisite work on the complex embroidery and detailed beading while keeping in mind the futuristic trends that defined his vision.


To remember the coronation of the great Queen Isabel I of Castile, and recognize the trends set by her and other female leaders of the time, there is nothing better than to admire the collections of Dolce & Gabanna, McQueen and others with inlaid crowns, pearls and stones. In case you’re interested in following Isabel to learn more about this great story and keep an eye for fashion, or if you are a big fan of telenovelas like I am, I’d recommend you try this one!


To tell you a bit about me, I was born in Argentina but have been living in the US since I was a kid. Proud to be a good mix of cultures! I’m a web designer living in NY and studying fashion history. I also decided to take on some journalism courses as I plan to integrate these two and hopefully be able to write for a magazine one day! Love fashion, history and, yes, telenovelas!


The Healthy Deodorant

My posts are normally short and sweet but I’m very passionate about this subject and was so happy to find a deodorant that was 100% natural. If you’ve been keeping up with Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, then you may have noticed Kourtney’s holistic lifestyle, which her family has had to learn to adjust to. In one of the episodes Scott and Khloe are trying to get Kourtney to wear some deodorant. The problem is Kourtney won’t wear deodorant because they are all filled with chemicals that when absorbed go through your lymph nodes and into your breasts. Because she is breast feeding she doesn’t want any of that stuff going into her newborns system.


When I saw that episode I was like, HALLELUJIA sista! I could relate! even though im not breast feeding anyone, I always struggle looking for good natural deodorants. GNC and Vitamin Shoppe only have a couple to choose from. I tried a roll on that just didn’t feel pleasant putting on and didn’t work so well either. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this at Sephora.

While I am not breast feeding anyone my reasons were similar. Deodorants nowadays can be linked to breast cancer in women and I am one of the thousands of Americans who does not have medical insurance! So in other words, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I never go to the doctor. I never get vaccines. And you know what? I’m totally cool with it. I hardly get sick but when I do I let my body heal itself they way it was designed to.

Anyways this deodorant is called, The Healthy Deodorant from Lavinia Laboratories and I got the pure vanilla. It was $10 at Sephora.


Here’s some more information from the brands website that left me content with this purchase!

*Our 100% Healthy Seal represents our commitment to using only natural and organic, safe and effective ingredients that nourish the skin and nurture the soul. We pledge that all of our skin-loving formulas are made without harsh, irritating chemicals found in many beauty products, and are gentle enough for all skin types.

*100% Healthy Ingredients: Our products are formulated with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients, pure essential oils and active botanicals that are skin compatible with proven benefits.

*100% Healthy Formulas: Our products go through extensive clinical testing to ensure that they are safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, even for the most sensitive skin types.

*100% Free of Harsh Chemicals: Our products are free from harsh chemicals that can dry, damage and irritate the skin. NO: Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Chemical Sunscreens, Sulfates or Aluminum.

*100% Scientifically Proven: Our cutting-edge natural technology means we can replace harsh stabilizers, preservatives and chemicals with effective, natural ingredients.

*100% Responsible: Our natural standards ensure that no harsh chemicals are released into the environment. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and created to minimize its carbon footprint. Through charitable partnerships, we support organizations dedicated to conservation and preservation of our natural resources. And we never test on animals.

*100% Luxurious: Our products pamper the body and soothe the soul with captivating scents, silky textures and an overall feeling of luxury and indulgence.

Nail Stickers: Which is best?

If you’re a busy bee and just can’t find the time to sit an hour in the nail salon for a manicure, then you need to get yourself some nail stickers.  Right now the nail art is all the rage. E! even has a red carpet for stars to “walk” their fingers showcasing how they rocked the nail trend this awards season.  Here are a few stickers I have tried recently.

Sephora by OPI in Snake Sparkle $12

photoThese lasted a good amount of time. I’d say about 6 days before they started chipping. I loved the snake skin print and the colors on these stickers. Would I purchase again? I sure will!

Essie Sleek Collection $9

essieI purchased the second one on the top row. I had a picture of mine but I guess I deleted it. Anyways, I liked these a lot because they came in different textures. These also lasted a good amount of time and I will definitely purchase again.

Divided by H&M $5

photoThese were definitely my least favorite.  I know all of these are stickers, but these were literally like stickers. Whatever they were made of was not made to work with a nail file. With the other stickers, the file would just cut the excess sticker off, but with these it would almost stay on and just move to the side. You can see in the photos the air bubbles from filing, and this picture was immediately after I filed them.  The same night there was already dirt getting underneath the stickers turning them into ugly brown, dirty tips. Will never re-purchase.

Bottom Line: If you’re low on cash, if you want to try a new trend without it looking like a 5yr old did your nails, or maybe you’re having a last minute date or girls night, having a few packs of these stickers will always come in handy. It takes no time to put them on and its nicer to look at than nails au natural!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, XO!

Love In Paris


Mon Cherie, is one of 12 eye palette combinations from the Love In Paris collection.  It has a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, in a variety of colors.  The green and blue shades are what sold me, but I’ve been using the neutrals a lot too. Its a nice palette to keep in your purse, wont take up much room and makes it easy to transform your look from day to night.

I have been loving NYX more and more with each purchase. They have quality products at reasonable prices! You can shop NYX at Ulta, Pac Sun, or online.

If you have been keeping up with the Kardashians you may have seen the last episode where Kourtney & Scott take a trip to the city of love, Paris! Following that on Monday, the housewives of Beverly Hills took a trip to Paris as well.


Watching these episodes only ignited my desire to one day visit this beautiful city. Its always been a dream of mine.

My Music Monday

It seems as though every Monday I hear a bunch of people complaining. We all want the weekend to come as quick as it left. I don’t personally hate Mondays, I like to think of them as a fresh start. Also, I’m usually up bright and early so I need some upbeat music to wake me up or else I can be one grumpy B! Here’s a few tracks I have been hearing today to start my week off right.

Eric Prydz– Everyday

I love Eric Prydz and this track is always on my playlists. Ironically, this one kind of goes with the theme of the Monday Blues.


Foster The People – Helena Beat (Carl Kennedy Remix)

Oldie but goodie. I first heard this track on Tiesto’s Clublife Episode 236. The original is nice of course, but the remix takes it to another level. Fun Fact: This song is also featured on 21 Jumpstreet.


Bloody Beetroots– Chronicles Of A Fallen Love

It had been a hot minute since I last heard something from The Bloody Beetroots! Heard this on XM this morning and was happy to hear something new from them.


Avicci & Nicky Romero- I Could Be The One

I love when artists collaborate and are able to blend both their styles into one perfectly sounding track. The beat of this song will easily put you in a great mood and you can’t help but sing along.


Netsky– Come Alive

I first fell in love with Netsky when I heard his single “Give & Take“. That track seriously takes you on musical journey. This one is straight drum and bass so it won’t do justice to hear this on a regular volume. Turn that ish up!


Steve Aoki ft. Polina– Come With Me (Pierce Fulton remix)

I had never even heard of Pierce Fulton until recently. I went to Avalon in Hollywood to see Robbie Rivera, who he was opening for, but I ended up enjoying Fulton’s set so much more. He went hard and definitely knows how to keep you on your feet. I searched high and low for his set from that night but couldn’t find it. If anyone knows where I can find it PLEASE send me a link!


Cheeto Lopez Soundcloud Mix

If you aren’t into watching videos one by one then this mix is perfect to have on your playlist. It has a little bit everything from house, tech house, progressive to even trap. That’s what I love about him! He can switch the style up with such smooth transitions and you definitely won’t get bored.


P.S. Check out my first post for MixJukies here!

Be Young, Be Dope, Be Proud, Like An American.

The American Flag has been popping up all over the place recently! Although I’m not too crazy about this trend, I do like the vintage look it brings to an outfit. The key is to keep it simple with one statement piece. Here are a few things to look for if you want to try this trend.

Tank from Etsy shop Real Rebel $10.99

The cut can be customized to any length you want which is super cool!


Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s in Stars and Stripes from Solestruck $159.95

Who doesn;t love a pair of Lita’s? Fierce.


Shop David and Young $30

These scarves are perfect to add just a touch of Americana to your OOTD. The faded washes make them look extra vintage.


Here’s my friend Alex rockin’ the trend with the pockets on her high waisted shorts. Super cute, but not too loud!


American by Lana Del Rey

If you can’t see yourself wearing the trend, then maybe you can listen to it! If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey then you’ve surely already heard this song. If not, It’s one of my favorites by her.