Nail Stickers: Which is best?

If you’re a busy bee and just can’t find the time to sit an hour in the nail salon for a manicure, then you need to get yourself some nail stickers.  Right now the nail art is all the rage. E! even has a red carpet for stars to “walk” their fingers showcasing how they rocked the nail trend this awards season.  Here are a few stickers I have tried recently.

Sephora by OPI in Snake Sparkle $12

photoThese lasted a good amount of time. I’d say about 6 days before they started chipping. I loved the snake skin print and the colors on these stickers. Would I purchase again? I sure will!

Essie Sleek Collection $9

essieI purchased the second one on the top row. I had a picture of mine but I guess I deleted it. Anyways, I liked these a lot because they came in different textures. These also lasted a good amount of time and I will definitely purchase again.

Divided by H&M $5

photoThese were definitely my least favorite.  I know all of these are stickers, but these were literally like stickers. Whatever they were made of was not made to work with a nail file. With the other stickers, the file would just cut the excess sticker off, but with these it would almost stay on and just move to the side. You can see in the photos the air bubbles from filing, and this picture was immediately after I filed them.  The same night there was already dirt getting underneath the stickers turning them into ugly brown, dirty tips. Will never re-purchase.

Bottom Line: If you’re low on cash, if you want to try a new trend without it looking like a 5yr old did your nails, or maybe you’re having a last minute date or girls night, having a few packs of these stickers will always come in handy. It takes no time to put them on and its nicer to look at than nails au natural!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, XO!


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