DIY: Studded Vintage Denim Shorts


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The trend of high-waisted shorts returned this year as popular as ever. There’s lovely ladies rockin’ these all over the place.

No, like literally. Everywhere.


They also totally remind me of the 90’s! A lot of trends from the 90’s era have returned from grungy combat boots, neon colors, jelly sandals! Love it. You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s chick! *cue happy dance song*


To find a good pair of these babies is hard. If you’re willing to splurge has a great selection of different high-waisted shorts all named after familiar fun females! With names like Miley, RiRi, and Snooki, I was in love!


Carly $45


Kylie $45


Lindsay $75

If you’re feeling creative, inspired, or just want to save a few bucks you can easily make a similar pair. I spent $12 total making mine.20130424-235515.jpg

I used: a ruler, a pen, scissors, studs, pair of old jeans

I bought my jeans at a Savers for $8 and the studs at Hobby Lobby for $3/2 bags. It’s hard to tell if they are high-waisted or not. I would try them on before purchasing. If you’re pressed for time you can take a look at the zipper. Usually long zippers mean they are old school, aka high-waisted.

  1. Decide how short you want to cut them. Remember its better to cut them extra long and go back to make adjustments. If you cut them too short the first time you will need a whole new pair of jeans to start from scratch. I ended up about 3 inches from the inseam but started cutting at 5.
  2. Make a line with your ruler going from the part marked on your inseam diagonally up to create a “v” shape. Cut.
  3. Fold the jeans over so they are lying on the opposite leg. Get the ruler to make the marks match on each leg. Snip away!
  4. To create a distressed look is optional. I chose to make a few slits with the scissors on each side. Wash them and viola! Torn jean effect: CHECK!
  5. Last I applied the studs. There is no right way to do it. Look at different shorts online that you really like or create your own look. Have fun with it!
  6. LOOK CUTE! You’re ready for the new season!


What do you think about this trend? Let me know and please share if you have your own DIY pairs! Xo


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