That One Time: I Met Betsey Johnson

I’ve met a few celebrities in my lifetime. I met Paris Hilton right in front of the Graumans Chinese Theatre. Then grabbing a frap at Coffee Bean in WeHo I met Cory Monteith. But I can’t say I was ever as starstruck as I was when I met Bestey Johnson at her Santa Monica store in 2011.  If you follow me on social networks you’ve probably already become familiar with this story as I love to brag about it. Can you blame me? I mean, she’s an ICON in her own right.


You know when you see a Betsey design because it stands out. Always whimsical, feminine and definately out of the ordinary.  I’ve been in love with her since I can remember. Collecting bags, jewlery, shoes, watches and of course her perfume, which is my signature scent. I’m sure Betsey knows I’m one of her biggest fans too, since she followed me on Instagram. Another OMG moment for me. It sounds cheesy but when someone you admire pays notice to you, it can inspire you in ways you never thought possible. However, meeting her was not a stroll in the park.

BE-MY-ONE-AND-ONLY-DOME-SATCHEL_REDENDALL_MINT-GREENBOW-CHARM-NECKLACE_PINKA few years back my boyfriend and I took a trip to California to visit our families. I had no intention of going to Santa Monica on this particular day, but when I read Betsey tweet that she would be doing a meet and greet at her store, my hopes shot to the sky! I immediately began my pesky behavior, begging my boyfriend and his family to move the plans we had for that day so I could meet her. Thankfully, they agreed and even though they had no idea or even interest in who Betsey Johnson was, they went to support me and I am forever grateful for that. We have an awesome family.

Everyone familiar with LA has to be familiar with the traffic. It is the only thing I truly despise about that city. By the time we arrived to the store there was already a line of beautifully dressed Betsey dolls eager to get a glimpse of the tiny designer.  My boyfriend was in shock at how many people were there to meet this woman. He was obviously not aware of her impact on the fashion world and all the fans she has. We waited, an hour passed, then two hours, we had barely moved a couple of feet. I was becoming more anxious with every minute, and I was also feeling guilty when I looked across to the sofas our family was sitting on beneath the hot sun, waiting for me so we could continue with our original plans.  Finally one of Betsey’s employees came out of the store. My attention zoomed in as did the rest of the fans waiting alongside me, only to hear the exact oppositte of what we were hoping. “The meet and greet has come to an end.” I was in disbelief but suddenly Betsey walked right out of her store. Fans that had been left dissappointed rushed to her for photogrpahs. I squeezed myself to the front of the crowd and began asking….okay BEGGING her to sign my ipad.


A very rude older woman accompying Betsey, and also kissing major ass, told me to stop asking, that Bestsey would not be signing anymore autographs, her time was done. I simply gave her a blank stare and continued to wave my ipad in the air.  She finally took it and graciously signed it. If you check my YouTube channel I have the whole thing recored. You can even see Betsey ask the rude woman what my ipad is! She was so cute!

20130425-233232.jpg20130425-233254.jpgI already cherish my ipad as it was a gift from my father, but now it is even more like my baby. It is where I do most my blogging from and its just that much more special to me with the infamous Bestey XOX signature on it.


20130425-233315.jpgI will forever remember that day and I owe it all to my boyfriend who stuck through all that girly shit just to see me happy! I hope Betsey is aware of how much an impact she has on women to this day.  She understands what women want in a way that most designers don’t. Sometimes people say her designs are weird but I think fashion should be fun!


Betsey’s show, XOX, Betsey Johnson premiers May 12th on the STYLE Network.

Have you ever met someone that you admired or looked up to? Feel free to share your stories in the comments! I’d love to read about any! Till’ next time, XO!


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