Vegas Checklist For The Girly Girls

So the time has come again for my summer vay-cay and the last few years have been bringing me to the Disneyland for adults: LAS VEGAS. Who doesn’t love Vegas? And if you haven’t been there by now slap yourself! And then gather a few of your girlfriends and start planning! Everyone needs to experience Vegas and we all deserve a little escape from reality.



What brings me to Vegas the last three years is Electric Daisy Carnival. If you haven’t heard about it then you must live under a rock! Honestly, I tell myself I’m over EDC because I’ve already gone four times. BUT as time gets closer I imagine the speedway packed with thousands of people all vibing off the music that vibrates your entire body from the ginormous speakers. I get little goose bumps.



If you’re visiting Vegas this summer these are just a few things you want to make sure you take along for the ride.

1. Hats: Whether your personal style calls for a cool fedora or a big floppy hat, just take one! You’re out in the middle of the desert for God’s sake. Heat+Alcohol= no bueno.


il_570xN_464628692_c6a1These hats are from an adorable Etsy boutique called Three Bird Nest and run from $40 – $60. They also have adorable headbands and scarves, check em out!

2. Evian Facial Spray: This goes back to the triple digit weather that you are going to be in. These little sprays will definitely come in handy when you’re feeling a little too warm. Which is gonna be every time you step outside of a hotel. Think of them as one of those little mist sprayers that you walk under to get that AHHH feeling. Except these fit in your purse, even better!

Sephora $12

Sephora $12

3. Keep the Makeup Light: You’re in Vegas. You want to be enjoying every minute of it because believe me, time will fly. Once you’re back home at work you’re going to go through what we call the Vegas blues. Time flies when you’re having fun and in Vegas its the time of your life. So don’t waste 30 minutes caking your face with makeup. Besides in summer, natural, glowing faces are whats sexy. Throw on some tinted moisturizer a little bronzer/highlighter and some mascara and you’re good! Anything more will just sweat off anyways, leaving unflattering lines running down your face. $42 $42

4. Bikini: Lots of them. This goes without saying. $47 $47

5. Wedges: In Vegas you will be doing a ton of walking. I mean a ton! Heels are going to leave you with extremely sore feet and painful blisters. Wedges are easier and more comfortable to wear. Your feet will thank you.

Betseyville Wedges $39

Betseyville Wedges $39

6. Cell Phone Case: This might sound weird but cell phone cases can be so helpful if you have the right one. This is also especially important if you are going to be joining me at EDC. There’s some on Amazon that will charge your phone up to 60% once its battery runs out. If you have an iPhone this is awesome. Also, cases that serve as a wallet are helpful because you’ll need your ID, credit cards, and cash everywhere you go. I personally like the ones with the little wrist wraps on them so they dangle right next to your hands.

Chevron printed cell phone/wallet/wristlet from Target $9.99

Chevron printed cell phone/wallet/wristlet from Target $9.99

7. Apple Cider Vinegar/ Milk Thistle: This sounds weird but your body already naturally ingests thousands of toxic chemicals on a daily basis! Apple cider will help to detox your system and milk thistle specifically cleanses the liver. After a long night, give your body a little break with these and a lot of water before you head back out. Emergen-c’s are also a good choice to alternate between water!

Apple Cider Vinegar $10.49 from Vitamin Shoppe

Apple Cider Vinegar $10.49 from Vitamin Shoppe

8. Facial Masks/Wipes: The nights in Vegas quickly turn to mornings and we all know the number one beauty violation is going to sleep with your makeup on. Make it a quick and easy step with some facial wipes. I like. If your skin needs some extra attention or hydration pick up a mask from Target. I like these wipes from Ulta. They have witch hazel in them so you can cleanse and tone in one step! A travel pack will cost you about $5.

9. Shellac Manicure: This brings me back to the issue of limited time in Vegas. You do not want your friends to be waiting on you because you need to touch up a chipped nail and wait for it to dry. The first time I got a shellac was last summer and immediately after I went swimming. I was amazed to see my nails looking picture perfect even after I had taken a dip in the chlorine filled water. A shellac mani/pedi will keep you looking polished, girly, and you won’t have to worry about any chips throughout your whole trip!

10. Good Peeps: And the last single most important thing you want to make sure you have with you at all time are good people! You’ll probably meet a lot of cool people from all over the country, even the world. Some will actually be really cool people and some will just be the regular weirdo’s! Safety should always be your number one priority. Never find yourself alone and never let a friend be alone if they aren’t feeling well! You also want to be around people who are fun! Why hang around someone who is in a sour mood all the time? Enjoy your trip with people you love and create memories that will last! 🙂

Hope to see some of you at EDC ! What artists are you excited to see? xo


my lover & 2 years ago at EDC Las Vegas ❤


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