Addicted To Apple


Everyone please welcome the newest member to my Apple family, the Apple TV3. If you aren’t familiar with it yet check this out. Big time Apple lovers like myself should definitely have this amazing  little device on their wanted list.  Apple TV is one of the few streaming boxes out now that are causing thousands of people to ditch their cable service. I recently moved out of my parents house (yes I’m finally a big girl now) and in an effort to save money I started researching alternatives to cable. To all the tech enthusiasts this may be old news, but to me this find was a score! Other streaming boxes on the market include the ROKU, and the recently released Chromecast from Google. Choosing the right streaming box for your home all comes down to your preferences. I obviously chose the Apple TV, because I have an iPad and an iPhone so I’m already used to the way Apple products are set up, which is one of the reasons I have stuck with Apple for so long. The simplicity and design of their products make them easy to use and easy to love. I might still purchase a ROKU as they have more price ranges on their boxes from $49.99-the $99 I paid for my Apple TV.  ROKU also has more channels and apps available through their device which is more of a reason to purchase. Right now the Apple TV has only Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. I’m really enjoying YouTube on the big screen, it makes my workouts easier and streaming concerts like Lollapalooza, which was this past weekend, is super enjoyable.


One recommendation I would make if you are interested in purchasing one of these babies is to look on Amazon and EBay for the first and second generation Apple Tv’s. Reason being is the content you can get on the previous models is truly unlimited if you can get it jailbroken. That’s right, the same way that you can have your iPhone and iPad jailbroken for thousands of free app’s and customizable designs, is the same way you can jailbreak your streaming device. At your access will be millions of movies, all the same tv shows you would get through cable service, and the customizable designs, all for free. Pretty awesome for a one time payment. This is what I initially wanted but I wasn’t aware that sadly, the 3rd generation Apple Tv is not able to be jailbroken… yet. They are working on a jailbreak that will hopefully be available in the near future. Overall, I’m very happy with my Apple Tv. I must say, I’m surprised that Apple doesn’t advertise this product more. As their lowest priced Apple product it’s surely one of the most powerful.


Also wondering if anyone else has heard of the upcoming Tile & Tile app that will be available to all iPhone/iPad users. It’s a small white square that sticks to anything that you might misplace often like wallets, keys, etc.. Once lost or misplaced the corresponding app tells you the last location your item was and locates it anywhere up to 150ft via GPS. I think this is an awesome idea! Had this existed before it would have saved me a lost wallet, and a lot of time spent looking for misplaced keys. Right now you can pre-order the Tile for around $20 and it will be shipped around Christmas time. No word yet on what the retail price is going to be but I want to order one for myself and my boyfriend who would lose his head if it wasn’t attached to him!



Finally, I want to just say how excited I am to see Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of the man who created and made Apple the world’s most recognized brand, the late Steve Jobs.  I’ve already seen the documentaries on Netflix (highly recommended) and he was such an interesting, talented man and a tremendous inspiration. He changed the world we live in today and the world our future generations are going to live in.  The flick, titled, Jobs, is set to be released Aug 16, right around the corner.