A Few Of My Favorite Things

October has come and gone and you can almost feel the new year quickly approaching. I’ve always looked forward to October’s. It not only signifies my birthday and another year of age but the change in seasons brings new feelings of excitement, sometimes nervousness. New goals, new chances, and new beginnings. I uploaded a few gifts I got from Sephora. It was so cute of my co-workers because they know how utterly obsessed I am with that store. I chose to spend my $50 gift card on a new palette by Too Faced called A Few of My Favorite Things.

P.S. How cute is my leopard cake? 20131017-141126.jpg

This is the birthday gift for all the VIB’s this year, mini goodies from Benefit. I actually loved the mascara and have a review on the highlighter here.20131029-234812.jpg

Okay ,first of all, the bag that it comes in was enough to sell me, but when you open the booklet and see all the gorgeous eyeshadows opposite side Too Faced’s infamous and deliciously smelling bronzers and blushes, how could you not get this?20131029-234819.jpg


I thought for the price ($56) this was am amazing deal because it also came with a mini of their new mascara, Better Than Sex, and a Lip Injection in Bee Sting, a pretty nude color.


These shadows are all perfect for the upcoming winter parties and the bronzers will keep your face looking sculpted even if you pack on a few extra pinds in the upcoming cooler months. Love, love, love this, perfect gift idea.20131029-234838.jpg




Review: Pacifica Lotion Wipes

You know,  if I have nothing else to do, I can spend hours at Target. When I first picked these up I thought they were facial cleansing wipes. After reading the packaging I was intrigued to learn about this new product from Pacifica. Apparently the idea isn’t all that new with Elf carrying their own version of the product. I love wipes. When I think about it I have all kinds of wipes from Clorox, to Summer’s Eve, to the makeup removing ones, so it just made sense that I give these a try.


  • Quick & easy application.
  • Perfect for when you’re rushing.
  • Smell good. Really good.
  • 100 % Vegan


  • Compared to a bottle of lotion, a tad pricey ($7.00 for a pack of 30)

icn_lotion_wipesBottom line: These are nice to have in your purse or gym bag. If you are a wipe-lover like me, you’ll probably like them, but I wouldn’t replace them with my bottle of lotion any time soon.

Influenster VoxBox Dr. Sholl’s Active Series


This was my first VoxBox and I’m happy to share my experience with you guys. This particular package was part of the Active Series from Dr. Sholl’s and Influenster.

After a long week of work and school I finally found some motivation to hit the gym, making it the perfect opportunity to put this product to use. Nike’s are truly some of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you can own, but mine are over a year old so the wear and tear is noticeable. I cut the insoles to fit my size 7 Nike’s and slipped them in. Immediately I noticed the difference in comfort.

I headed to the gym and because these insoles are intended for athletes, specifically runners, I got on the treadmill first. I ran on incline for half an hour and pain I normally feel in my feet and my knees was dramatically reduced. When I moved onto weight training it was nice to feel the firm foundation underneath the arch of my feet, allowing me to improve and stabilize my form.

I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Sholl’s, normally for use in heels and flats that I wear for long periods of time. This pair of insoles saved me about a hundred dollars that I would have spent on a new pair of Nike’s.

I’d like to thank Influenster for sending me my first VoxBox. I was not paid to write this post but provided the product in return of an honest review. Hope it was helpful & thanks for reading.


Fall Baby

Back in August I purchased Too Faced Cosmetics new palette, Pretty Rebel. These are just a few looks I’ve played with using the palette. I liked it because it has a good contrast of shades, half being a bit mroe soft and neautral for a day look and then the bold pops of colors to create something fun or sexy. It was pretty expensive, at almost $50 but I hadn’t purchased a palette in awhile, probably since the NAKED2. Anyways, this seemed like the perfect way to welcome fall.










Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer $25
I’ve always been a fan of this bronzer because it feels more like an illuminator than a bronzer but it still leaves a subtle contour. I hadn’t purchased it in awhile but I did like the updated packaging. Only thing I miss is the little phrase that used to be on the mirror, “Why be pretty, when you can be gorgeous?” Wondering why they took it off? Could it be that it was sending a negative message about self-image? I thought it was a cute little detail!




Korre’s Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial $45
This is an absolute must-have for me now. especially in the cooler months, my skin gets so dry. This lotion has a familiar scent to it and it relaxes me so I love putting it on right before bed. My skin drinks it all up. I’ve never been disappointed with a Korre’s product.