Fall Baby

Back in August I purchased Too Faced Cosmetics new palette, Pretty Rebel. These are just a few looks I’ve played with using the palette. I liked it because it has a good contrast of shades, half being a bit mroe soft and neautral for a day look and then the bold pops of colors to create something fun or sexy. It was pretty expensive, at almost $50 but I hadn’t purchased a palette in awhile, probably since the NAKED2. Anyways, this seemed like the perfect way to welcome fall.










Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer $25
I’ve always been a fan of this bronzer because it feels more like an illuminator than a bronzer but it still leaves a subtle contour. I hadn’t purchased it in awhile but I did like the updated packaging. Only thing I miss is the little phrase that used to be on the mirror, “Why be pretty, when you can be gorgeous?” Wondering why they took it off? Could it be that it was sending a negative message about self-image? I thought it was a cute little detail!




Korre’s Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial $45
This is an absolute must-have for me now. especially in the cooler months, my skin gets so dry. This lotion has a familiar scent to it and it relaxes me so I love putting it on right before bed. My skin drinks it all up. I’ve never been disappointed with a Korre’s product.



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