Review: Pacifica Lotion Wipes

You know,  if I have nothing else to do, I can spend hours at Target. When I first picked these up I thought they were facial cleansing wipes. After reading the packaging I was intrigued to learn about this new product from Pacifica. Apparently the idea isn’t all that new with Elf carrying their own version of the product. I love wipes. When I think about it I have all kinds of wipes from Clorox, to Summer’s Eve, to the makeup removing ones, so it just made sense that I give these a try.


  • Quick & easy application.
  • Perfect for when you’re rushing.
  • Smell good. Really good.
  • 100 % Vegan


  • Compared to a bottle of lotion, a tad pricey ($7.00 for a pack of 30)

icn_lotion_wipesBottom line: These are nice to have in your purse or gym bag. If you are a wipe-lover like me, you’ll probably like them, but I wouldn’t replace them with my bottle of lotion any time soon.


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