LuLu Guinness for JC Penny

If you don’t know who Lulu Guinness is, think of her work as somewhere along the lines of a funky Betsey Johnson but more retro and feminine. I first discovered her designs about a year ago, when I featured one of her infamous Lips bags on my Valentines post here. I’ve honestly never been that girl to spend even a few hundreds dollars on a bag. When I saw her new line at JC Penny I was pleased to see that though it was more affordable, the line still felt like a regular LuLu Guinness bag. There are a few really chic cross body bags I saw for about $50. The mint is my favorite color but you can also never go wrong with a black or nude as they go with everything. There was also a cute ice cream tote that is nice for everyone who is returning to school this semester. It was almost a clear bag and very sturdy so holding all of your textbooks won’t snap the straps off. Those cost about $80. The rest of the handbags looked the same with the only difference being the styles of the bag, like satchels, hobo’s etc.. I really cant wait to get my hands on one but in the meantime you guys should check them out for yourself.



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