Short Hair, Don’t Care!


Long hair is beautiful, especially if its healthy, but it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a beautiful head of hair, and to those women I commend you. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to cut your hair, I say go for it! When you’ve had long hair as long as I did sometimes you’re just craving a change when you look in the mirror. I was a bit apprehensive about going so short but I decided to stop thinking so much and just go for it. I was pleased with the outcome as were most of my friends, or at least that’s what they said.

It was the men, however, who seemed to have a problem with it. I had a few different guys, all share the same reaction. “Why did you cut it so short? What did you do to your hair? I like women with long hair, that’s just me!” What is it with men and long hair? I get that they think its sexy or whatever, but what gives them the right to dictate how we as women wear our hair?

NEWSFLASH: I did not cut my hair to please you nor anyone else. I cut my hair because I wanted to.

To be honest, I love my new hairstyle. In the last few years I’ve gone through some major changes and growth and I feel like cutting my hair, as cliché as it sounds, was a sort of physical representation of that. I’m still me, but I’m not that same person you’ve always known me as. Sure, there will be days when I miss my long hair but in the end I know it’s just hair and it will grow back. It takes confidence to rock a short do and mine isn’t even as drastically short as some women I’ve seen. On another note, it seems that mostly all the young women I see nowadays have long hair. Its become what my generation calls “BASIC” and I think a big part of it has to do with women wanting to please men and look more attractive. Women are so competitive and in the world of social networking your image is everything. Looking ahead to the rest of the year, specifically spring and summer, I think short hair will prove to be a trend in Hollywood and sooner or later the fans will follow. We’ve already seen some of the most beautiful and successful young women in the industry ditch their long locks for a shorter style. Think Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence. Last night on  Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, guests Yolanda and Stassi from the Bravo network shows Real Housewive’s of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules were both rocking noticeably shorter hair do’s. I couldn’t help but feel some sort of excitement.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy


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