Whether you’re in an established relationship or still getting to know someone, having and maintaining a good relationship with their family members is important. Unfortunately for some, it’s now always that easy. I’ve been the one trying to impress an in law, and I’ve also seen people trying to impress me as they begin dating my family members. It can get awkward but theses are a few things I picked up along my own experiences.

Keep the PDA to a minimum. When you’re in love its easy to get lost in the moment. You’re so happy that you want everyone to know. The only thing is, everyone does not need to know. There comes a time in life where you realize that you are a grown ass human being and you can control yourself physically in public. Kisses should stay at a peck and never go into a full on make out session. Just. No.
Control your alcohol. If you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti has a rule that while on a date you agree to a 2 drink minimum. Its really ideal but I don’t know of many people that could commit to that. Depending on the situation I may. Whatever your limit is, its important to know it. When intoxicated, we do/say things that we’ll always regret. Its the ugliest feeling to wake up in the morning and know you must apologize to for stupid behavior the night before. Even if you’re a self proclaimed “happy drunk” its better to just play it safe when around the in-laws.
Don’t try too hard. If you are madly in love that’s cool. You don’t need to prove it to everyone, because when its the real deal, people will notice on their own time. What matters most is that they see you make their brother/sister/father whoeverrrr, happy. That will ultimately make them happy in return.
Be true to yourself. Oldest strategy for life and for good reason. Be yourself, love yourself, and the rest will follow.


The Girl by The City & Colour


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