Neon Desert Checklist


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   This weekend Neon Desert Music Festival returns to El Paso and its guaranteed to be another fun experience for attendees and artists alike. Whether you’re traveling to the city or live here, there’s a few things you don’t want to forget when preparing for the festival. I’ve compiled a list of a few of the things I like for this particular festival. Let me know what you think and if you’ll be attending!


  1. El Paso Pride: Show some love for the city! This line of t-shirts by Estylow Junktion are a cool fun way to illustrate local support. There are a handful of different designs and styles with the popular tagline embedded into each shirt. I love these shirts and have seen people wearing them in Las Vegas, California and Austin! A must for a festival in our own backyard! Contact SilverIsReal on Facebook or search theirInstagram: @estylowjunktion to place an order and see more designs.Estylow Junktion EPFT Tee $20

2. Bold Lips: I’ve always loved a good lip color! Never one to shy away from shades out of the ordinary like purple, this festival offers the perfect opportunity to play with different lip colors and have fun with them! Lately I’ve been obsessed with lip pencils, which offer a combination of a balm, lipstick and liner all in one. You don’t have to splurge to find a good lip pencil either. Revlon has a new line of Matte Lip Balms and they give some of the brands at Sephora some major comp! What I really like is that there is absolutely no need to apply anything before applying to color. It moisturizes and adds a cool pop of color to your pout! I found mine at Target for under $10.  Since this festival starts during the day I would definitely keep the eye’s simple and leave the focus on your lips. Though, I’ve seen some women pull it off with a dramatic eye and lip! Hey, more power to ya, but I enjoy the idea of a fresh look for festivals.


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3. Sunnies: If you’ve been to El Paso live here than you already understand why it’s called the “Sun City.” I am not joking when I say the heat is real and it has the potential to tire you out faster than usual, not to mention get you drunk way sooner. Hats are always cute but whenever I wear them to an event that lasts as long as this one, I end up taking them off and holding them in my hand. Sometimes I ask my boyfriend to hold them and needless to say, he ain’t too fond of the idea of me wearing a hat either. So sunnies are the obvious choice and lately I’ve been obsessing over the Crystal Cult line. Popularity grew for their Swarovski crystal embellished vape pens but its they’re sunnies that caught my eye. The fun designs make these sunglasses perfect for summer parties and will assure that you standout in a crowd. I personally love the cat eye look but the website offers a convenient tool that allows you to see sunglass options based on the shape of your face. There’s a ton of different styles and none are priced over $100.


4. Drank in your cup: Drinking at a concert environment can get pricey. I want to say that last time I attended NDMF each beer was between $6-$8. It can add up, especially if you plan on throwing them back! My friend gave me this exact flask as a gift a few years back and I love it! ITs come in handy for so many occasions where I just order water and sip on my flask throughout the night. You can find it at Urban Outfitters, just try to not get caught! The people who put the event together do not appreciate when attendee’s sneak in alcohol but hey! Sometimes you just have to try to cut corners where you can. Please drink responsibly! The Camino Real downtown has some good promotions going on for people who are attending the festival this weekend so driving won’t have to be an issue. BTW, this year the festival will be offering free water to all attendee’s which is awesome! No room for thirsty peeps stay hydrated!img-thing5. Trusty, handy, wipes: I’ve included wipes in several of my posts before but they’re just one of those products that everyone should carry. Like I said, the festival can get hot so the wipes come in handy when you need a little cool down. Not to mention the restroom. The one thing I hate about these types of events is using the restroom. I try to avoid it at all costs because I hate port-a-potties, but eventually you reach a point where you have to go. So having wipes makes you feel a little bit cleaner when you walk out of one of those dreaded things. I love the Summers Eve wipes but I chose to include the Burts Bee’s because they’re more versatile in their uses. All natural means that it doesn’t matter what part of your body you use the wipes for, you will still reap the benefits.

Wal-Mart $5

Wal-Mart $5

6. Wristbands: Finally, the infamous wristband makes the list. I mean how could they not? Wristbands are like little souvenirs that remind you of all the good times you had at the festival and they complete the festival fashion vibe in a cool bohemian way. If you already purchased tickets you can exchange them for the wristbands before the festival and receive a faster entrance on the day of. Just one rule: take it off the next day! There is absolutely no reason to leave that wristband on past the festival’s conclusion. Save it, scrapbook it, throw it away, whatever, just don’t leave it on longer than needed it’s not cute!


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Too Faced Primed & Poreless Dupe

Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless has been one of my favorites from Sephora for a few years now. I’ve tried other brands as well but nothing compares to the silky smooth texture and base that primer leaves. That is until I tried Maybelline’s new Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. To me, it was like I was using the exact same product.  It glides smoothly onto the skin in a clear texture, whereas the Too Faced comes in a clear and colored option. My makeup application also goes smoothly with this product, leaving no pores or uneven areas visible, and yes it did stay on throughout the day. Even better is the price tag. I paid, I want to say about $7.99 for this at Target. I’m sure its sold even cheaper at other drugstores but Primed and Poreless will set you back at least $30. Though the tube is slightly smaller at .67 oz vs. 1fl oz, I think its a definite steal for beauty lovers.Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser